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The Mastermind Season 1 Episode 1/7 A multiplayer story-driven mission

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The Mastermind Season 1 Episode 1/7

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7999rm09m5emq9/! The+Mastermind+1.Eden.pbo


You're the leader of a squad (callsign Alpha 1) and you are in one of the best and the most talented squads in USA army and and you have been given a mission to seize 2 villages.


Revive: Yes

Playable units: 12

Version: 1.5

Difficulty: Easy (AI = Min), Balanced, Hardcore (AI = Max) - You can change it before you play in pool


The main thing in this project is to have something new. Not like the most of the multiplayer mission where you have to go capture a city and then you win.

It has a complex story even my friends couldn't figure it out. But you can still read spoilers in notes (only for the current episode) if you don't wanna figure it out (ONLY READ THE NOTES IF YOU'RE ALMOST DONE WITH THE MISSION). You also need to figure out who is the mastermind and come up with a good theory. If you have a good theory please message me I wanna know. And no i didn't write the name of the mastermind or something like that. The singleplayer campaign will come out after I'm done with the multiplayer version BUT it will be different than multiplayer missions. I will make more after I'm done with entrance exams and with S.T.O.O.W.  (Survive the outbreak of war)





Ps.: I never wanted it to be a revive mission but alot of people wanted it so i added it.

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