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CfgAmmo adding a coustom HitEffect to all bullets

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Does anyone know how to edit the "default" or a base cfgammo class to allow a new hit effect to be added to it. I'd like all bullets to inherit the new impact effect, as according the the WIKI the "impact" entry in cfgSurfaces reads it when its decides what bullet splash effect to spawn on the ground.


I'd like to add the "hitSnow" entry to all bullets in the base game and any mod.


class CfgAmmo
    class Default
        class HitEffects
            hitSnow = "ImpactSnow";

It seems you are unable to edit the base classes in cfgAmmo in the same way you can with say CfgVehicles:

class CfgVehicles
    class All;
    class AllVehicles: All{};
    class Land: AllVehicles{};
    class LandVehicle: Land{};
    class car: LandVehicle


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