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[Co16] Boerstils Dynamic Missions

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Feel free to comment critisism and suggestions in this thread.





In my missions you will get objectives randomly around the map. The main objective is to take control of areas defended by either Opfor or Independent.

There is a 50/50 chance to spawn a side mission in the area that needs to be completed before you can complete the main mission.

The mission is succeded when the objectives are done.

The mission is failed if you run out of respawntickets.



1-16 Players. 
Random Startlocation. 
Different Objectives in random locations. 
Random Time / Date. 
Dynamic Weather. 
Choose between Mx and Spar Weapon systems. 
Supplydrop and Helicopter Transport is Avalible in the Supportmenu. 
Uses "End Game Revive System". 
Quick Guide:
You got two helicopters to your disposal.
The squadleader assigns a objective in the taskmenu and a landingzone will be created in the vicinity of choosen objective.
All squadmembers in the base must be in the helo for liftoff.
You can call for extraction in the Supportmenu.
You can call for SupplyDrop or VehicleDrop.
Extraction and supplydrop is not avalible if the helicopters is busy.
Thanks to
Bohemia Interactive for an awsome game.
Styrfart for bugtesting.

Bearnose for bugtesting.


Sorry for spelling / grammar mistakes since english isn't my main language.

Edited by Boerstil
Added Zargabad and Kunduz

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