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J0K3R 5


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Capture the red zones, turn them green by killing the enemy.

Locate the intel to find the ammo caches.




Halo incertion + AI

Recruit AI


Drag + Drop

Load into vehicles




Intro - can be disabled in params



Advanced rappelling

Sling loading

Spawn protection

Virtual ammobox

Virtual repair + reload vehicles

Selectable opposing army

Selectable time

Selectable weather

Selectable grass density

Selectable player fatigue

Selectable wind

Group management  [press u]


Urban Rappelling

Selectable bleedout timer







* The intel can be hard to find as its a small item, best chances to find them is to walk around the dead bodies of the rebels.


* You can play the mission without finding any intel, you just have to search every building in the capture zone for the caches.


* The caches can only be destroyed with explosives.


* Save player loadout saves your current loadout as you die, so if you have used  ammo clips thats what you spawn with.







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Hello J0K3R5, Love your mission so far, just have a few questions.

I have my HC connected but it seems to have issues with offloading, it will work for a bit but then none of the AI will spawn anymore, the vehicles all will but no AI. If I disconect my HC's then everything works fine.
Also if I have more then one HC running it only shows the most recent to connect not all 3. Is this expected?

Lastly I noticed I have ALOT of static emplacements and I was wondering if it was possible to remove some, I can edit the file my self  I just cant seem to find the right one. 


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