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Arma3sync repo setup

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Hello, today I bought an arma 3 server for my unit and I'm trying to setup a repository.

So I have my server files on Filezilla and I uploaded all my mods.

Then I go to arma 3 sync and add a new repository. (blue cross)


So now tell me what I do wrong :


In the "Host or url", I put "ftp://adress/modfolder"

I put my password and login, and then hit "ok"

Then I select the created repo and use "connect to repository"

And I have this message


I'm completely lost since every tutorial on the internet is teaching you how to setup a repository on your own computer and not on a server...


I tried to make everything clear, sorry for bad english.
Please dont send me the http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ website because I almost read everything on it. I also watched all the youtube videos relating to it ... and scrolled 10 pages on the bistudio forum topic of Arma 3 sync.

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My problem is now resolved, this is how I did it :

  1. Create a folder and put all your mods in it (on your computer)
  2. Create a "target folder" on your ftp where your mods will be
  3. Add a new repository and put your ftp infos
  4. Select the repository and use this button
  5. Now on the repository options : 
  • Put the folder you created in step 1 in "Repository main folder location"
  • Set the options and click on "build"

Now the .a3s folder has been created in your repository folder.

  • Fill the options of the "upload repository" section and put ftp://blablabla/targetfolderin the host
  • Now press the "Upload" button and your mods from your PC will upload to the target folder.

You can use the autoconfig url to let your friends download after full upload :)


Sorry for bad english, tell me if you have a problem :)

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I have follwed thos guide and it works wonders how ever my upload crashes on 3GB on to the server wby would this be as i have no idea why

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