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[Coop] 1-3 player survival "Panau"

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Hey guys, I'm posting an old mission file with scripts here that I created some years ago for 3 player co-op LAN. I decided I'll release it here if someone wants to check it out (if anyone still plays ArmA2).


The mission was inspired by Escape from Chernarus coop mission.

Though it is not finished, there is no way to complete the mission (didn't have time to add the final mission objectives back then) but we found great fun playing it with friends.


Feel free to modify/use the scripts/mission as your own missions. I believe the revive scripts are the only scripts I copied from someone else, everything else is written by me. There could be some optimization in the scripts but framerate-wise on server I had no problems. (I lacked the skills back then to script properly)


It does also use some addons I downloaded off armaholic but can't remember which ones (but I believe they are partially shown in the mission.sqm file if I don't remember wrong)

Moderators move this topic to an another forum if needed as this mission cannot be completed. I couldn't find any "editor" related forum where I could release scripts/mission files


Only reason I post this here is if someone wants to use the scripts on their ArmA2 or ArmA3 missions. Though you need to modify them for ArmA3 a bit, like different building names to spawn loot in etc. And no, it's not zombies, they are ruthless AI squads that run over you if you stay in one position minute too long. (if they spot you, there's a small stealth element)


Dropbox download link, includes .pbo and mission files:


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