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dr death jm

suidide, (server side mod)

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not 100% working as intended.

basic run out of ammo,you  get the option to suicide.

lightning comes down and strikes you dead.


 *not 100% working as intended = at player death I'm guessing he is out of ammo so he gets the option to suicide.

I won't be working on this project anymore( or at this time) but maybe someone will like it and want to continue.







duda (original structure of config)

MADT (helping me)

zonekiller (always my backbone for info)

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If any one is looking to up date. Ill post sorce and notes of what i did. Im positive in the way the init.fnc is writen you could get this to work with diffrent eventhandlers. Im using a code if ! (some ammo player) then

But relized this code is for granades.

If you wanted you could delete (i post this later). And it would be perfect for dm.

Nevertheless im at work so ill post some thing later.

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