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Taranis Private Military Contractors

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English speak EU based. Server is in Germany. Coop gameplay mostly.


A small group of friends with a server. We're opening it up to the public to play on. You don't have to join the group if you don't want to. It's just a place to play some great games with like-minded people. We have custom missions on our own dedicated server (not a virtual box). Our server is fairly quiet and we've love to grow our numbers, so whether you're on your own or have a few mates, you are more than welcome to come on and play. We don't do ranks or anything like that and all are welcome. Our missions are set up so there are objectives for small groups and large ones. We take turns to lead and plan missions, so whatever your preference you should find a home here.


We use ACE3, Alive and Taskforce radio as well as ASR_AI which really open up Arma3 to it's full potential and make for some great sessions.


You can take a look at our website for more details or come chat to us using Teamspeak on Voice.TaranisPMC.com (that's our TS server, not a web URL btw)


We run our own Arma3Sync repository, so all you have to do is connect to it to fully synchronise your mods with our server. Any changes and we take care of them. Couldn't be easier.


Find out more at http://www.TaranisPMC.com




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We're now running a wednesday evening session starting at 7pm GMT. English Speaking - Dedicated Server


Small group custom OP's on a variety of maps. Open to the public. Bring a friend etc etc. and some beers. 


Check out our website for Arma3Sync Repo information. 




Teamspeak: Voice.TaranisPMC.com



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