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A failed fixing about Operation Flashpoint‘s night picture�

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We all should know this game "Operation Flashpoint 1.96"(short name OFP), I have played this game for the decades.

Since DirectX 9 graphic card ,the game's night picture turned into just black and white , no color rendering, while on directx8 graphics card,it is normal 

An OFP DXDLL tool mentioned that a special night time pixelshader effect on DX9 graphics card generate this problem.


How ever, I don't want to rely on this tool to solve problem(I just want to learn a real powerful-way when confront same circumstances in the other games ), I think the earlier version of windows XP contains the original directx version 8.1, 

if I do not upgrade directx version, then my DX9 graphics card should not working on DX9 effects, the OFP should not be black and white screen at night.

However, I tested it today using VMware(ver 5-12), the results was very disappointing me, VMware 3D accelerator card is DX9,operation system's DX version is DX8.1, 

after entering the game, I tasted it again again,and again in almost every circumstances, then the game screen is still black and white.

Yes, the screen is still black and white, the screen is still black and white.

That is to say , the high version DirectX graphics, ignoring the the earlier version of windows DirectX program, directly calling or working in their own state or DirectX effects.

Which makes mer very disappointed, so what do I miss?

why a DX9 card can call DX9 effect on a DX8 environment? 

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