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Planetside Shutting Down

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PlanetSide 1 shutting down

Very disheartening news: PlanetSide 1 closes it’s doors July 1st, 2016 at 4pm PST.


Play with us one last time!

We had an event planned for mid July, but it will have to happen sooner!  We will send off PlanetSide 1 with some great battles on the weekend of June 24-26th.  Additionally, we will play until the server shuts down at 4pm PST on Friday, July 1st.


Weekends are the best time to play, but during the week should be very active as well!


We need your help preserving the game!

If you want to help preserve PlanetSide, please follow the instructions below:



PlanetSide 1 will live on through PSForever

The PSForever.net team has been working on a PlanetSide 1 Emulator Server for some time now.  We have a working login server and character creation process.  We are getting very close to getting a player avatar in-game.  To follow this project and learn how you can play or contribute, follow these links:



How can I assist with the PSForever development process?


If you believe you have the programming skills needed to become a developer for PSForever, send a message to PSForever Lead Developer Chord on the PSForever Forums.


Otherwise, please help us with packet collection before the final shutdown.  Information can be found above.

If you don't have the time for either of these things but still wish to contribute, join the discussion on the PSForever forums or Discord server!  Player feedback will be invaluable in the development of the server.  Additionally, you can contribute to the PSForever Wiki!  More information can be found here.

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