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Temporarly Override Key Binding

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I d like to implement a spawning laser target in this thread.

The user can activate the IR Laser with his bound key (standard is L).

I want that the user can activate the laser with L (or his bound key) and then I want to override that key to spawn a laser target when he presses L again. Another time pressing L should delete the laser target and bind L back to laser activation/deactivation so if he presses L next time the laser turns off.


I dont need help with that laser target. I need help with getting users key binding for laser activation and override it.

Upto now I tried the displayEventHandler ["Keydown", {code}] thing but its not overriding the key nor giving me the key binding of the user.


EDIT off topic: how can I edit the topic and the tags in this forum. I heavily tried to find a way but i never found.

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