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Beginner needs example for primitive wound effects (single player missions)

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Hi All,
I want create single player missions with the mission editor.
The editor itself is not a problem for because it's similar to OFP and Arma2.
But the wounding system of Arma3 seems to be not so good.
I just want few wounding effects, no complex medical system:

(I have no scripting knowledge and not the time to learn from beginning, so please give me
a short example for one wound effect. maybe I will understand and can continue working.
I have started reading your Scripting Introduction for New Scripters)

wound effects:
-for all units: if hands/arms are hit more than 0.3 are hit unit drops weapons and flees
 maybe with this command: gethit "arms", gethit "hands", removeAllWeapons, allowFleeing
-for all units: if legs are hit more than 0.5 unit fells and can just croutch
 maybe with: gethit "legs", setUnitPos "down"

If possible: script should be started with init.sqf and a script-sqf without to much entrys in the mission.sqm
and the example as primitive as possible so that I have a chance to understand it.

Best regards

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 I'd rip open the old SLX mod for Flashpoint by solus it had all of that and more.

Thanks for the info, I will try it

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