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clutter not showing

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I am new at making terrain and i am having problem with the clutter and tried alot to solve it but no luck

the clutter i used not showing on the game


here my simple setup




class maz_Grass: DefaultClutter
                model = "A3\Plants_F\Clutter\c_Grass_Tall_Dead.p3d";
                affectedByWind = 0.0;
                swLighting = 1;
                scaleMin = 0.7;
                scaleMax = 1;




class CfgSurfaces
    class Default{};
    class Water{};
    class maz_Grasstp: Default
        access = 2;
        files = maz_grasstp*;
        soundEnviron = "drygrass";
        character= maz_grassy;
        soundHit = soft_ground;

class CfgSurfaceCharacters
    class maz_grassy
        probability[] = {1};
        names[] = {maz_Grass};






class Layers
    class maz_grasstp
        texture = "";
        material = "\hatzerimairbase\data\maz_desert.rvmat";

class Legend
    class Colors
        maz_grasstp[] = {{207,115,0}};



edit : I followed a tutorial for the name of the classes and i should have at least 4 or 5 layer then the clutter works fine


also there is an arrow showed up in the bottom left corner of my map in the game not buldozer


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