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Help - codename - callsign - for a mission !

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I'm slowly developing a mission (soviet side, cold war) but i need your help because of i need a callsign (the more realistic the better) for:



2)motor rifle infantry squad

3)spetsnaz squad

4)tank squad

5)jetfigter support

6)transport chopper support

7)cas chopper support

8)some names for Fob


Thanks a lot for your help ! 

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Did a quick Google search and found this link which provided the following quote and further down provided another link.

I think the problem is that even if you were to find the callsign identifier that you would like such as bear, there is no english word to represent it other than bear. Whereas, the Russian word for it is медвеÌдь, how exactly would you convey that to the english speaking player? Sure, using this site, you could print them out using strings but what is the point really? Unless your target audience is Russian, the player will stumble over the pronunciation and even the meaning of the word. And even if your audience is Russian they will most likely laugh at your attempts to butcher their beautiful language.


It would be helpful to know how they translate the Russian word to a comprehensible English word such as .... "Ð‘Ð¾ÐµÐ²Ð°Ñ ÐœÐ°ÑˆÐ¸Ð½Ð° Пехоты" into "Boevaya Mashina Pehoty" Which is then shortened to BMP.

Any Russian Community members out there who could comment in the thread would be welcomed.


Unless of course they spell the english version as the Russian word is sounded out? медвеÌдь == MeedVyet 372?



Soviets did not have light infantry. All platoons were either helimobile or mechanized in btrs/bmps. As a result, they used the vehicle numbers as radio callsigns, since they used almost exclusively vehicle radios. The format would be "regiment indicator" (battallion number)(company number)(section number), so Razgriz 340 would be Company HQ vic, Razgriz 341 1 platoon first vic and platoon lead, 342 1 platoon second vic, etc.


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