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[Terrain Builder] polygon shape select terrain verticles function bug

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Might someone else also have encountered the issue where if you select terrain verticles via a polygon shape (right click menu) and edit the height (i.e set height to xx) and then try to repeat the process by selecting another shape and editing the height it does not work.

Only workaround I've managed to find is saving and reopening the project and then editing another area/shape and repeating this as the verticle editing via the area selection seems to work only once per project load. 

Some notes:


+when the 2nd selection is done, the terrain properties menu shows all heightvalues as 0 (min, max, average height..) So it seems that even that on the map view it shows verticles are selected, they are not read/accessed properly.


+also sometimes manual terrain verticle selection and editing via the terrain properties menu seems to have same symptoms and a reload is required.

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