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Possible to activate Create Task module from the Strategic Map Mission module?

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I have setup 2 independent task modules in a area with the task state set as assigned, is it somehow possible to activate only one of them via the Strategic Map Module? the idea being the player would enter the area, the Strategic Map will open and the player has to choose one, ive tried things like sync the mission modules to the create task modules but thats just wishful thinking, any clues?

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Not sure if I have misread this, but I think some more information is required. However, here is a litle reading for you:



Also, look at the module description in the mission editor to see how the modules should be set up and how to best implement them into a mission



Hope this helps,



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Hey thanks Bull,


I have no problem with setting up both modules, i have only started too look at Strategic Map and realize its really only a teleport/fast travel system, what i was hoping was if there was some way to activate or assign a task module from the from the Strategic maps 'Mission' module, its a bit hard for me to explain in detail but lets say i have a cluster of 3 'Create Tasks' modules setup in an area, i could then use the strategic map to let the player choose which mission he would like to proceed with.


I could set triggers for the tasks and teleport player into the triggers which would activate the tasks but thats not ideal for me, the Mission module does have an 'On Activation' field so i was thinking a script could set the task to assigned but im just guessing, cheers again ill keep looking around and playing with it.


Edit: ok it was quite easy in the end, simply put this in the 'Mission Module's On Activation Field' ["YourTask_ID", "Assigned"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; 


Very cool BIS, very cool  :thumb:

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