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Headgear not visible when worn by player, but visible when on the ground

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I'm making a headgear addon (already my 3d one) and all of a sudden I'm experiencing a problem: I've made a model, made .p3d file, created all necessary selections (as in my previous addons which were okay, after experiencing the problem I tried binarizing the previous models again and got the problem which I hadn't had before), assigned textures, made the modelconfig, binarized it, made the cfgWeapons class, the headgear item is present in game, but when I put the headgear on the player it's not visible at all, no shadows or anything. And it's not the "autocenter" problem.

However, when I take off the item and put it on the ground, the model is visible, everything's fine, with all textures. 
I suspect it has something to do with the updates (the mods I made earlier, in May-September 2015 were fine) but not really sure.

UPDATE: nevermind, please remove this thread. I apologize for posting it here, already found the problem -- good old "model" instead of the "uniformModel" fail :(

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