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[Co-Op] Campaign: Hard Times [p1]

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After a civil war broke out on the island of Altis the government had lost control of the army. Three factions remained on the island, The Loyalists (Those who remained loyal to the current president), The Separatists (Those who wanted the current president removed from office), and The Independents (Those who wanted nothing more than to see the island of Altis burn). You are part of a NATO special operations team who’s tasked with securing several stock piles of chemical weapons today. The island has been home to some very lethal weapons and with all out civil war going on, this is no time to leave them unsecured. We have been assured we have full access to the Chemical Weapons by the government; they have even designated a scientist to help us gain access to the storage areas. A convoy is about to leave the NATO base to provide today’s security, gear up for the day and board the HEMTT






















This has actually been around while, I took a rather long break from Arma 3 - I've recently updated the mission file to function with the changes made during my absence as well as disabled the fatigue. There is a bit of ground movement and the over exhaustion was not adding anything to the mission. 

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