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Saving/Loading Zeus Missions

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Hello guys, im copy pasting this post since i posted it in another part of this forum. First of all i love the arma series and most of all i love the editor, that gave me hours of joy. Since the release of Zeus i have been playing more often, because it gave me the ability to play my missions with other people, or enjoy the missions of other good mission makers. Sadly im not in a community or something so these server's are the only place i can enjoy missions that aren't just capture the island. So my wish for Zeus is the ability to save and load pre created szenarios in Zeus. I've read that the Ares mod has such a future, but it is not allowed on the Official Zeus Server's (Where i am playing on). It would bring many positiv things: You could start a campain of a series of missions without having to play 10 hours, because you could just save the szenario and play it again on another day. Also, which is the reason i want it, you could prepare missions offline on your lan server, create everything with alot of detail (without having to worry about time) and then just save it. I dont see any downsides to this feature.

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