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Need help with simple script to create constant "film grain"

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Hi all,

I just want to make constant graphic effect of "grain" / "noise" (call it as you like) in every mission, everywhere.

I know arma 3 engine allready have such effect.

Regularly i use small addon "ASCZ Post-process Effects" created by EvroMalarkey (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26113)

This addon allow to apply few presets with color and noise changes via Zeus menu.

Since i noticed that it very annoying to open Zeus, dig into the menus and select preset every time i start any mission.

I opened this addon and noticed that it include only one small config.bin file that have few lines of code.

So i understand that mod maker didn't create whole effects from scratch, he only used arma 3 built in effects with his own settings.

So maybe it very simple to create small script with only one effect based on arma's engine?

I use only one preset and it have only few lines of code to run... (i only changed values related to grain for myself)

It looks like:

class CfgPostProcessTemplates


class Default


colorCorrections[] = {1,1,0,{ 0,0,0,0 },{ 1,1,1,1 },{ 0,0,0,0 }};

filmGrain[] = {0.10,0.10,0.10,0.10,0.10};


Thats all...

Maybe it also necessary to call for Postprocess module at the beginning of code or something like that...

So maybe some of you can help me and write some small script that will automatically run with every time i start the mission???

I dont have any programming skills at all, but i believe that to write such a script is only metter of few minutes for somebody that understand.

I'm not asking to copy - paste whole addon created by other man, jusy to create some small new addon.

P.S. Why to add grain to the game?

I have pretty big visual experience as photo, video and digital artist, and i can share my opinion that in most cases adding small, slightly visible, amount of luma grain to the picture create effect of more live, more harmonic look to every element of a picture, especially when we talk about noiseless picture that out from computer 3D editor.

Just try it... and maybe you will like it too.

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I would advise getting This mission. It allows you to create your own PP effects (including film grains) and export them to your .sqf files.

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Thanks for reply,
I think i tried this before, but not found this to useful because i dont know what to do with .sqf file...
I'll try it again.
But what i need to do with  abc.sqf   file when i get it ?
I mean how to make it always run on background ? How to make addon from this .sqf file, just pack it into .pbo file ?
Ok, i tried it but it don't create  .sqf file, it just copy data to my clipboard
Let's say i have this in my clipboard, what i do next ?

PP_film = ppEffectCreate ["FilmGrain",2000];
PP_film ppEffectEnable true;
PP_film ppEffectAdjust [0.12,0.12,0.12,0.12,0.12,true];
PP_film ppEffectCommit 0;
// Time: 7:14. Overcast: 0.01. Fog: 0 
// GF PostProcess Editor parameters: Copy the following line to clipboard and click Import in the editor.

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