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Looking for game mode programers

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I have been working on a concept for a while and have hit a point where it goes beyond my knowledge and time avalible. 


This concept is a new game mode which puts control of how the game is played almost completely in the hands of the players.

To summarize this game mode, the defending team will choose anywhere they want on the map to defend.  Once decided, they can teleport there and choose where the objective (a laptop) and their respawn point is place.  The only restriction is the respawn point cannot be placed any closer than 200m.


After this, the attacking team can travel to the AO and set up an FOB via the squad leader deploying camp.  Again the same 200m restrictions apply.

This pretty much sums it up.  Every time this game mode is played, it will be a brand new experience, even if played in the same AO/town since the target can be placed anywhere.  This will keep it fresh as opposed to game modes with predetermined objective locations.


The link below is to an outline I created that has notes of the ideas I have to polish and develop the game mode. 



I have this game mode created and playable, the problem I feel and need help with at this point, is making it user friendly.  Also developing and implementing various features such as leveling, unlocks, rolls, and other aspects may be interesting.  This has been a mode my friends and I have been enjoying, and I would like to share it with the rest of the ARMA community.


If you are interested, contact me.  Thanks!


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