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Don Meehan

The Expeditionary BattleGroup

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Expeditionary BattleGroup Recruitment Day



If you guys wish to join an organised mil-sim community with custom ops every week, be part of a growing professional community, built around well trained and disciplined OP's, Well today is your opportunity to become a part of that.


We have very hard working members that put a lot of time and effort into what we do so we don't just want to take what we can get, We are looking for community members people willing to put in work to get a great mission or community back out our editing team work above and beyond to provide a great level of detail into our mission and we like to show that i will post a link to one of our mission brief's hat is prepared each week



we needs committed member who want to be apart of something bigger then just been here done that, If it sounds like you somewhat interested but unsure please do your research and check us out, I am not saying we are perfect but me sure as hell make the effort  


We will be running an open OP this Wednesday please find the steam group that has all the details of where to go in the event tab.


Bit of brief details


  • Running for aprox 1 and a half years 
  • British style of weapons training tactics
  • Run weekly Saturdays OP 1830 GMT
  • have dedicated servers as well as TS
  • A community that plays other games outside of Arma (but if you don't Arma don't come ;) )  
  • Real British army training on out training team so real tatitcs changed to suit arma 
  • infantry soldier missions (We do other but have set campaigns with story lines)


We are an infantry rifleman based group so no thank you pilots and lone snipers we work as a tight unit where every member is a respected and trained to a high standard, I could talk here all day but why not come and see for yourself.


Filter: Expeditionary Battlegroup 

TS - ts.theexpeditionarybattlegroup.com:19987

or remote connect to server I.P: 


Please feel free to add me on steam for any further questions 




Expeditionary BattleGroup


"Experentia Docet"


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