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CPT State 86th IBCT

86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team [ACE/ACRE] Milsim

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About Us

The 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is a mountain infantry milsim unit for ArmA 2.  If you're looking for a stable unit in the realism community, you've come to the right place.  We have operations and training exercises every weekend on our dedicated server and are active throughout the week with a combination of multi session operations (MSO) and insurgency.  We're looking for able bodied recruits to fill roles in the infantry, leaders to expand our forces, and pilots to expand our unit's aviation detachment.  If you're ready and willing to learn, as long you provide the attitude, we provide the training, community, events, and atmosphere.  Don't expect not to be put to work here.  Our recruits learn fast and don't waste any time.  If you have the willingness to grow with us, you'll find a place here in no time.  Our members' experiences come from a variety of different backgrounds, some new to ArmA, others long time fans of the series.  Whatever your motive, we have a place for you to call home.



The Path

There's no limit to a soldier's success, as the US Army says.  Every recruit starts by getting to know the unit and deciding his desired role.  Our basic course provides players with the core foundation needed to operate in our environment.  Everything from communication to combat life saving is taught here.  After that, recruits choose an an advanced individualized training course (AIT) to complete.  In our case, this can range anywhere from further infantry courses to starting aviation training.  Don't think that this is a slow paced lecture, far from it.  We combine our knowledgeable instructors with a faced paced learning course to give recruits the tools they need to be successful.  Immediately after, privates are in the roster and can choose to handle their future in the unit as they wish.  Leadership opportunities exist for those who wish to take their experience to the next level.  Everyone around you has been in your situation and is there to help.



How to Join

To get your 86th career started, head over to our website www.86ibct-arma.org and create an account on our forums.  After submitting an application, a recruiter will contact you to arrange a time to speak with you about our mods and get you set up for success.  For those who want to meet us first, join us on our teamspeak ts3.86ibct-arma.org (all contact information listed below) and play with us on our dedicated server.  If you have any further questions, contact myself or another member with the information listed below.



Open Roles

More information can be best found at our website or by speaking with a member in our teamspeak listed below.  With members operating in standard fireteams of four, we have a variety of roles open to new recruits.  These roles include:

  • Infantry Automatic Rifleman/Machinegunner
  • Infantry Grenadier
  • Infantry Rifleman
  • Squad Medic
  • Platoon Designated Marksman (Coming Soon!)
  • Rotary-wing Transport Pilot
  • Rotary-wing CAS Pilot


Contact Information

Website: www.86ibct-arma.org

Forums: www.86ibct-arma.org

Teamspeak: ts3.86ibct-arma.org

My Email: StateBDog@gmail.com

Steam: StateBDog

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