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Who are the 27th Specialist Marines?



The 27th Specialist Marines are a gaming unit who focus on ARMA III tactical operations.

Starting out as the 9th PARA ARMA III clan, the unit evolved into the 27th SM in the summer of 2014, when the foundations of the unit were laid and our evolution began.

The unit develops, plans, executes and evaluates a vast array of scenarios and missions on a frequent basis throughout the month, with anything from Basic Combat Training for recruits...to patrol & pacification operations....to full blown amphibious assault scenarios. There is something for everyone, and the diversity of settings available is not only is a testing challenge, but also great fun.

The unit is formed upon a structured chain of command, where orders are expected to be followed. However, suggestions and advice are always welcomed from any member, regardless of rank, and all members are actively encouraged to contribute wherever possible to the improvement and advancement of the unit.

The unit has devoted mission development, training, server administration and technical support groups. These groups not only take part in operations on our servers, but also support our members and recruits to ensure that they get the best possible experience whilst serving with us.

Whilst we may not be the largest group in the ARMA III universe, we pride ourselves in being one of the most dedicated.

Interested in joining us or want to know a little more?



Current amount of enlisted soldiers: 50





"Jager" (Infantry Platoon) (3 Squads: Alpha, Bravo & Charlie)

"CAS" Call-sign: Eagle

"Logistics" Call-sign: Hotel (Transport)

"Hospital" (Group for our Corpsman)

"Recon" Call-sign: Spartan (Scout Snipers)



Apply Today!






Feel free to join our Teamspeak if you have any question regarding:

Mods, Ranks, Structure, Joint Operations etc...











Semper Fi

Private First Class Ellman

Public Relations & Recruiter

27th Specialist Marines



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