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Installation loop again - slightly different

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yesterday I spent lots and lots of hours trying to male BE working with my Arma2oa (Dayz Mod) again. I did not succeed. (Win7 pro sp1)

It started with a BE message, like "[info] Blocking of file, abengine.dll" in the cmd box.

I know that abengine.dll, ii is most likely a virus, I had it before and got rid of it with malwarebytes. So I tried this again. I got rid of abengine.dll. But then, after verifying cache in steam and dl BE again something strange happened:

in the cmd box there was:

installing battleye service...

launching battleye service.

failed to start battleye service.

(starts over with "installing...")

and then it started again, over and over and over again and it wouldnt stop.

I switched off my firewall and repeated all that, to no effect.

I checked my Anti-Virus, just to learn that a prior windows update had switched off bit defender permanently, “KB3004394″ . Wow. Being unsecure for months and Win doesent even tell me.

As far as I understood this phenomen could come from permission problems, like Anti-Virus, Firewall or comparable which think they should BE forbid to act freely.


I switched off my firewall, my anti-virus was already sitched off, malwarebytes only is active when I start it, so is the rest on my pc that could (as far as my imagination reaches) interfere with BE.

After re-installing BE now a thousand times and deleting and downloading again stuff over stuff, not only in /Expanison/Battleye but also in %appdata% and %common files% I am completely out of ideas and in desperate need of help.

Oh, and didnt I mention? I own DayZ SA too. Did not work either, same problem. After letting the cmd box with the loop in the SA acting a little bit and not stopping it directly - some mircale happened: at one point (maybe 5-6 loops from the start) the cmd box stopped to produce the loop and...voila...SA started.

Of course this didnt work with Arma2oa, so my problem is not solved. But ist IS strange.

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