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CWR2 - Operation Dragon's eye - A Royal Netherlands Marines mission to Drachenfels

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CWR2 - Operation Dragon's eye By CimaleX - v1.00 - A mission for CWR2 units addons for ArmA2 OA

The little saga of NATO operations parallel to Operation Flashpoint (and in our case to ULOTC campaign) continue with the introduction of Royal Netherlands Marines - Korps Mariniers and the DDR' NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) in the struggle for the control of the tiny island of Drachenfels.


The story: While Op. Flashopoint is in progress, NATO RRF (Rapid Reaction Force) launch a massive blockade to the Malden islands, in this way the renegade General and his troops cannot receive any supply or reinforcements from the mainland.

To increase the already tense situation, DDR and soviet troops crossed days ago the West German border in Lower Saxony, raiding the town of Eilte, causing the Bundeswher to react in forces. The result of the DDR/soviet raid into West Germany has a consequence a radical change in the West German government, that wants now a massive attack againts soviet bases in the DDR, the risk of a full war between the two Germanies is strong, but this must be avoided.

In this contest, NATO has mobilised several elite units of the RRF for the Malden island crisis, Netherlands mobilised 1 MARNSBAT and 2 MARNSBAT of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, or 'Korps Mariniers', they have been embarked onboard LSTs, destroyers and frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy, ready for deployment.

NATO HQ has discovered that the most northern island of the archipelago, Drachenfels represent a strategical asset if occupied and properly exploited by our forces.

The tiny island is inhabitated by a few dozens of people, mainly fishermen; the only village is called Drachenfels like the island itself.

The presence of two main peaks and little vegetation, make the island ideal as a forward observation post, or to install a radar and ASW equipment (Anti Submarine Warfare) making the sea blockade more proficiency, and disturbing any operation of the soviet northern fleet in the Baltic sea.

The sub-operation is called by NATO HQ Operation Dragon's eye, and is aimed to raid and then take control of the island by means of the deployment of Royal Netherlands Navy frigate 'Jan van Brakel' (F825) and half a company of 1st MARNSBAT; a secondary but important objective is to eliminate the NVA presence in an area relatively close to West German coast, whose government wants to strike back in forces the DDR after the Eilte raid.

The mission: Player is second in command of a unit of five Mariniers, that together with their comrades will strike the island raiding Zodiac rafts.

Known issues: a few radio comms I edited sometimes do not work despite my efforts to fix them.

If player do not manage accurately the squad (n° of men available) there's a serious risk the mission miserably fails.

Needed addons:

CWR2 - latest version

cwr2 drachenfels island expansion

cwr2 NL expansion

CWR2 NVA expansion vers. 1.01

CSA38_SBWZ39 Bunkers addon at: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19551&highlight=CSA38_SBWZ39

JSRS sound mod (Optional for better audio performance)

Download the mission here:


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