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Hell in the Pacific hardcore roleplay group

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3rd Commando Brigade Currently Recruiting! (Hell in the Pacific)

Hello there, Marine. l'm Captain Grillo, Commander of the 3rd Commando Brigade. lf you are interested in a British Royal Marine Commando unit from the Pacific, we may be for you. Since you most likely have questions, here's a bit of specific information about us:

NOTICE: We are NOT affiliated with the British Military in any way; this is only for entertainment.

We classify ourselves as a 'Tactical Realism Unit'

Majority Timezone is Eastern Standard (GMT -5), U.S. East Coast (times can (will) be adjusted according to member demand)

We accept members based on their skill and ability, not current age (although the age of proposed applicant must be mature enough to play such games and coodinate effectively with other members in a reasonable and efficent manner).

Currently use the Hell in the Pacific (HitP) mod as well as the required CBA addons.

Currently attempting to get a dedicated OA server (for now we are using the Evolve LAN server system)

Mics are totally optional, but highly sought after.

Have the following roles to choose from Anti-Tank, Machinegunner, Rifleman, Sniper.

Currently are in need of: Drill lnstructors, RTOs, Section Leaders. lf any of those fit you, feel free to message and/or comment.

Trainings, along with large and small Operations, are mostly every day, but that also depends on member attendance/participation in said events.

lf you would like more information, please contact me at: Capt. Grillo [3rd CB] on Steam, or by commenting below.

Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/3rd_C_B

Website: http://3commandobrigade.freeforums.net/


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