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No loading screens

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I play Arma 2 Epoch pretty much exclusively and a couple weeks ago I noticed that no matter what server I join, I do not see the loading screen. When the I get to the part where the loading screen should appear, it's a black screen with the progression bar at the bottom. To try to remedy this, I've done a couple of things. I went into my C:\Users\Andy\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\MPMissionsCache folder and deleted all the pbo's in there. I also uninstalled Arma 2 and all expansions and used a program to remove all traces of Arma 2 including registry entries. I've verified the cache of A2 and all the expansions too. I still do not get the loading screens. I get a pop up on the server that says this:


Any suggestions on how I can get loading screens to appear again?

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