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Mapmaking - Texture from L3DT and Layers.cfg overlap

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http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150507/3ok8eiu7.png (1816 kB)

Very well, the solution was pretty straight forward ...

The SAT-IMAGE will kick in at this distance (used visitor screenshot)

Since l3dt *free* wont allow texture exports bigger then 2048+1px, im gonna create my own now.

Photoshop "big file format" @20480x20480 equals ... a 3GB file :D

Its sad and disappointing that this forum section is rather unactive.

To me (and many others) A2:OA is still alot more funny then A3, but yeah - its alot easier to make A3 maps.



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I fail to see how any of this is easy. I am on my second day trying to make a map using a Satellite Image from Google Earth Pro. Bohemia can you please make a new map editor that has a Google Earth Pro plugin or something. I am sure my map will not be as detailed as I want it to be. And I am not sure I can even fix it.

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