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MARSOC - Arma III Realism Unit [European]

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United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command


Who are we?

Hello, I am Walsh from MARSOC(Marine Raiders), a new but experienced Realism unit, with both young and old members.

We are slowly growing, and now we are inviting anyone with the interest for realistic and serious fun to join us on the battlefield. We are mostly comprised of people with some or more experience from realistic Arma 3 gameplay.

As far as realism units in Arma 3 go, there are either the extremely serious, or the not so serious, we like to think of ourselves as in between. You will never have to say “sir†to and officer, but you will ALWAYS follow your superiors commands in game.

We are currently recruiting to both our Marine Raiders unit, aswell as to HMLA-267, our Aviation department.

When do we play?

We host our operations on Friday nights at 2000 +1GMT and then on Saturday's and Sunday's we play Alive and MCC missions

along with the testing of other unit members missions. Also our Unit commander hosts mini-op's throughout the weeks.


When it comes to mods, we strive to use as few as possible, but at the same time making sure we provide as many options as possible.

This is our current mods list:



- Task Force Radio

- CBA_A3





- AllinArmaTerrainPack

* The modslist is subject to change at any moment.

How do I join?

So if this sounds like something for you, do not hessitate to contact us for any questions you might have. Visit us on Teamspeak server at -


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