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extDB-Plus (Arma3 Database Extension)

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extDB Plus

Its an extension for arma3server, compiles on windows + linux.

Simply put this is basicly an extension for using a database with some extra features.

This is based off of work done by the original author, Torndeco; who unfortunately has decided to pull his work down. We aim to continue providing support, bug fixes and binary releases of the original work.

Source Code and Documentation



Binary Releases for Windows 7/Server 2008R2 or later


Binary Releases for GNU/Linux Debian 8.0

Coming soon!


  • Multi-Part Messages (i.e if output > outputsize set by arma)
  • Multi-Threading Sync / ASync Commands
  • Unique ID for Messages
  • Supports Mysql / SQlite / ODBC
  • Support for Arma2 Randomizing config file


  • DB_CUSTOM (Ability to define sql statements in a .ini file)
  • DB_PROCEDURE (limited support, no outputs)
  • DB_RAW (by raw i mean raw sql commands)
  • MISC (has beguid crc32 md4 md5 beguid time + time offset)
  • MISC_LOG (ability to add info to extDB logfile)

Known Missions / Mods using extDB:

http://www.altisliferpg.com/ (thanks for helping test + debug extDB)

Coming Soon:

  • RCon Support


  • Its not a drop-in replacement for anything else, you will need to rewrite your mission / code to use the extension.
  • There is no mission code using this atm, still need to write one.
  • The various .exe's are just test applications, they are not needed.



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Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

This means soon you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

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