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Change refresh Rate in Arma 3 / Refresh rate problem.

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Hello everyone, :D

I've got a problem with my refresh rate, i dont find where i can fixe it.

So, i've got :

  • Gygabite P34G (laptop) with intel graphics 4600 and Nvidia GTX760M
  • Display Asus VS278Q
  • There are connected by short HDMI cable.

I decide to use 60p hz refresh rate.

So, when i start my game, no prob, everything is clear and fine. Imagine, i need to go back to my desktop with ALT+Tab command to find my ip adress for a friend, or configure something i forgot to do.

Ok, i see my desktop perfect, i click on my game to go back to play and my display is no more clear. Its not fine, i loose why i bought an HD led screen

  • I updated the last driver.

So i work on this trouble and found something, when i start my game, the refresh rate is 60p Hz, go back to desktop 60p Hz But when i go back to the game my refresh rate change to 59i Hz. In arma 3 you cant change the refresh rate in the display setting.

I dont know how to fix it.

  • Is there a possibility to uninstall Intel software and keep the driver for the graphics card?
  • Is there a possibility to remove p or i mode for refresh rate?
  • Is there a possibility to fix for all the time the refresh rate?

I need help please, i try a lot of thing unsucceeded :(

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go to, X:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Arma 3 and open arma3.cfg in notepad.


check your refresh rate?

Hope it helps

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I have in the past had issues with refresh rate changing when using ALT + ENTER to switch between windowed and full-screen.

It would switch from 60 to 30 every time i changed back to full screen, i still believe its driver/GPU related issue?

But ye making the change there will fix it.. until it reoccur's :eek:

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Oh thanks for your answer, i didnt see your post before today :)

But i think i allready tried this, not sure, i dont rem all the thing i tried.

For me, the reason is Asus VS278Q is view as a tv by windows cause there is no driver for it.

But, Intel chipset is guilty too, thats crazy we cant fix the refresh rate and nothing change after that.

So, Asus, Intel and Gigabyte give the potato to the next one. And no solution where found.

(For me, i bought a new computer :D :D, ok not the less expensive solution but it works, ahah :D)

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