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New heli dlc performance issues

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I don't know if devs are aware but the new dlc on stable has brought a serious performance drop. Testing has revealed on average 5 fps loss on both single player and multiplayer.

There is a big desync issue that has been created. Now I know you rolled back to 132 because of the huge desync issue created by 133. Now heli dlc and 134 has dropped and the desync issue Cleary has not been fully resolved.

I have been playing heavily last two days and instantly noticed desync and heavy stuttering occurring across several mission types. Helis and other aircraft all heavily dysnc broken. Players all pointing out floating players at close quarters. Major stuttering while fps are stable.

I'd like to know are devs working on it are aware of the desync Fps loss. the sound from the helis is the first obvious giveaway.

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