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VOBAmod - VANGUARD OF BATTLEAROUND mod for arma3. New kind of gameplay CONCEPT across the FPS genre, skill and teamwork in a tactical paced arcade style 5v5, another contribution to the community and hopefuly become a DLC, or maybe better, BECOME A STANDALONE game. VOBA ARMA3 mod from BATTLEAROUND.

  • This MOD need NO DEDICATED SERVER or many player to be able to play it, just a 5v5 / 4v4 gameplay with SETs of AI that will evolve around the game. actually im going to make the single player mod too for the background story, but its just too late for me to know about this modding competition, and ive got no plenty of time, so ill just deliver the multiplayer mod (Alpha).

  • Sixteen CHARACTER (only nine character in alpha), each CHARACTER have their own abillity, and sets of Ai group
  • ADAPT by UNLOCKING the QUEST REWARD to get more firepower and claim your victory as VANGUARD of BATTLEAROUND

  • We "BATTLEAROUND" will try to maintain all registered USER HOSTER INTEGRITY by organize the The HOSTER TRUST RECORD, so if someone want to get the file to be able to host the game they need tobe registered and will listed in our WEBSITE as TRUSTED HOSTER (we will try to make the companion android and iOS app later), and the client or any user can put up a COMMENT or RATING

this will be huge if made into a standalone game BATTLEAROUND franchaicse with this VOBA game mode. or maybe just an ARMA-VOBA standalone. on steam WOW. dream on, and Enjoy the MOD guys.

Download VOBA [ALPHA CONCEPT v0.1]

DOWNLOAD AND FULL SUMMARY on the website www.battlearound.com


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