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EUSOC - European Special Operations Group

What uniform should we use ???  

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  1. 1. What uniform should we use ???

    • BDU
    • BDU (with small adaptations like velcro patchs depending in the country)
    • Model each and every one no matter the time it takes
    • Reskin the AAF one
    • I like vodKA!!! VOdKA!!! (go home)

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So once again is time to update the topic to reflect out work stage.

AIM of the mod:

Recreate the gear used by the EU special operations teams that give to each a unique charm so it not full AMERICA style, ofc some of the gear is equal to the SOCOM one like the g3s or jpc but things like Bulle Plate carriers, smocks, Leo Koehler etc will make their way into the mod. Its also important to note that we are also creating this mod to give communities that try to recreat not so well known SOFs some HQ gear. In other words we are workng in name of variety.


Check the other the MAG team is helping on ASTFOR





ASTFOR SF ( Naval and Army )


FSK ( and other NO units)

Finish Jaggers and others




Plate carriers (planned for now OFC it will expand)

Bulle Maritime Plate Carier                                                  [WIP] 
JPC                                                                                      [DONE] 
LBT 6094 (all variants)                                                        [WIP] 
CIRAS                                                                                  [WIP] 
Lindnerhof Taktik Gen III/IV                                                 [DONE] 

NFM THOR                                                                         [DONE]

Verseidag Tacticum Plate Carrier                                        [WIP]]


BDU (country cut)                                                               [WIP] 
Crye`s G3s                                                                         [WIP] 
Leo Koehler Parka                                                             [WIP] 

AST Special Purpouse Uniform                                          [Waiting for AF input and J final say]



Revision Viper                                                                   [DONE]

TCA                                                                                   [DONE]
Mich 2000/2001                                                                [DONE] 
Cryes Airframe                                                                  [WIP] 
FAST                                                                                 [WIP] 

Boots & Gloves


M77 (AST CUT]                                                                [DONE]



RK 95 [ DONE ][ FINMOD ][ Staker]

Ithaca 37                                                                          [DONE]
L115A3 AKA AWSM                                                         [DONE]
M107                                                                                [WIP]
G36                                                                                  [DONE]
USP45 Tatical                                                                    [WIP]
M417A2                                                                                         [DONE]

TaskSoldier121 out

older versions will be avaiable at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EnH2a2kc9f7U_YU8iuN2QiJ-ZH6ZzNmblBM-fr1ep5U/edit?usp=sharing.

Edited by tasksoldier121

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Ok guys we need some help, while we were dividing the work by us we found that actually some had forgot to find the name for this plate carrier, and we haven`t been able to do it, can some gear whore god help us, because if we dont we will have to model it from references pics of a CONDOR quick release pc and we all know that is that good.



Any way thx for anyone who help us.

TaskSoldier121 out

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So here is a bit of update, our texture guy left the team, and as we could not figure out the vest, we are making the jpc as a place holder (as we are going to need it for the next team we are making).


One more thing, what we sould use for uniform in eu units ??? vote in the pool.

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This sounds and looks very interesting! I think you guys should try to make entire new models for uniforms and such, but let´s see what the poll turns out.

And my vote for the next Unit(s) goes to the KSK and SEK-M (Kampfschwimmer) of Germany ;)

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I think we can creat a bdu style thing and reskin to all the units while we make the specific version.

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Thx for support im working on the pouches now, i will try later speak with guys at the back wisp mod if you can make a service menu for gear too much easier to do variants

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Nice job man, how come this thread hasn' t got more views/replies? it might sound ridiculous but i believe that because of the small characters it gets drown out by the names of the other topics, have you thought about renaming it "[MAG] EU SOF mod"?

Great stuff, i' ll be keeping an eye on this thread.

About a gear service menu, that sound very hard to implement but if you manage to implement it, it would be quite an achievement.

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Answer to you question is simple, if you read the old first threat (click in the link) we asked for sugestions because we (MAG) can get creative in the most bizare kind of things (you got to trust me on La Bomba cough cough) but we terrible at naming things. About the service menu i hadnt got time enough to talk about it with the F18 devs today but i hope i can do it tomorow or next week.

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Well i wasn' t even really suggesting a name change, only the same name but with caps where it is appropriate.

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Small Update:

We are alive and working, not on the mod ofc but trying to figure out the black wasp gps system (joke minus the black wasp part)

And a small question, beacause the holidays are near, what would be a nice jeep style thingy that could be feaseably used by every EU nato spec-ops, like the growler, or Polaris a RZR, its not about protection but speed and all terrain capabilities if we can strap guns to it better.

Edit: the vodka bar is growing popularity

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New Update:

Hi all we took some holidays so we can rest and experiment with some cool new things, but we got something for you on the ADAGA unit, the reskins are almost done and are a bit different from what we initialy espected as we were unable to recolor the AAF pattern so here comes some fresh lore (a thing I love).

Lore: After the arrival of the ADAGA-A ro altis after being trainned by some of NATO most elite Spec-Ops forces as part of the Peacekepping mandate, they needed to be equiped with a unique uniform as the standart issue camo proved to be inefective in most altian AO areas, but one that was different enough to prevent confusion with NATO operators in the area. With this in mind AAF commnad decided to adopt a multi terrian swatch of the old DPM, this camo proved to be more efective on the tan areas of Altis and is now used by ADAGA-A and ADAGA-B.



The pattern it self is mabe by Rusty (you can find him in FacePunch) and the recoloration was made by me.

I took the time to do a stencil and recreat the separation of the fabric, the blue lines is a oversight that is being worked on and weathering is coming to.

TaskSoldier121 out

Edit: easter egg is present in the picture

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New eve update 1 ( at least another is incoming )

Our mich 2001.


Ulisses (our small assests artist is doing some interesting stuff so our vest and stuff will be more detailed)

(small assests are :mags, lights, peq,flags,mags, bullets, arm gps things ;) , radios, googles etc)

TaskSoldier121 out

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More updates, Im starting to fell alone on this threat.

Final version of the Mich 2001 (the plain version, tatical ones are waiting the arrival of some assests from others team members)


and MSA headset (added the other driver on the other side of the head)


And again a nice new year for everyone

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Final camo verison for AAF, foget the lore before, me and ulisses got over it and we did a tideble version of the AAF camo that lets us make whatever we want.

When we were deciding the camorway i was like !!!ALPINE !!!! and he was like wtf man, and then http://imgur.com/Tdjglx7 was born.

TaskSoldier121 out

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We are not dead, so every can calm down !!! ( like i needed to say this ;)




Some stuff that is dated, the glorious PT PC ( we found pics of the vest good enough to use as a reference, but we are yet to know the name ) but its still a sign of our "done" on the sence we are not modeling now but trying to get good at mudbox and btw that body is a lowpoly presculpted version of our softshell.

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MAG is now recruting more members to join us so we can push content out faster and fix the one that is on standby, we are recruting some one for this roles:

- The Packer ( the guy that do the configs for us as we dont have time to work on our current ones, this is not a necessarly full time thing just there and there, some experience in O2 is always nice)

- The "tester" ( until we get something in game you got to whine our mind out of existence so we speed up )

- The Modeler (both organic and non organic for both character and small assets)

- Texture guy ( we dont really need one yet or will but its always go to have some help on creating advanced effects on gimp/photoshop, you mission will also consist on creating a insignia for both the team and mod)

We got atm:

- 1 man army ( me, from 3d to 2d to configs and camos)

- Ulisses a.k.a the other guy ( still learning ropes of blender and mudbox)

We use:

-blender/ 3ds max (but maya will be no problem if you use it)

- mudbox ( once again zbrush will be no problem)

- 2 20gb copy acounts for both our data base and WIP data base

- email and imgur (maybe facebook in the future is the amount of new photos get very high)

- friendly atitude ( at least me, and trust me it will be very rare to you to talk to ulisses he is a bit shy)


- friendly atitude

- basic ropes in the area you want to get in, but i will be more than happy to teach you anything if im good enough with it

- proactive mindset

- no age is wall is placed but if your voice is very high pitched prepare to recive an invite for the tester place (joke)

- ability to speak english

Send me a PM if you are interested with the folowing information:

- Nickname

- Position(s) you want to apply too

- A small text about you

- The programs you use

- Why you would help the team and what country you are from and you fav SF unit from it.

TaskSoldier121 out.

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