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Lion Claw

Singleplayer & Coop @ 6 - Scenario


From the Arma 3 Official Facebook Site (of course im a bit proud of this, thanks Joris-Jan!

Workshop Dev Favorite!

Our brand new Arma 3 Workshop recommendation comes from van 't Land, our very own Project Lead. His pick: 'Lion Claw' by KingoftheSandbox!

Here's what Joris had to say: "The author of this scenario uses various design tools to create a tense atmosphere: weather, time-of-day, fog and ambient combat for example. By applying the British radio protocols and character emblems, you also get a different experience to the more common American point of view. The scenario does not do something incredibly unique or new, but it nails the basics of Arma gameplay and is a lot of fun. Try egressing with your entire team in tact!"

Scenario Description:

British SAS units are striking tactical targets to prepare the landing of NATO ground troops.


Covert Operation; Stealth Gameplay; Special Operation

Coop Info

Respawn: Group

Scripts: No revive scripts are used and are not planned to build in upcoming or this releases, feel free to add them by yourself and use the mission intern. Same goes for VAS. I like the scripts but i want to keep my missions realistic and mostly "clean", to be able to provide feedback on issues for the vanilla game.

It took some time, but finally i can release my first mission for Arma 3!

Hope you enjoy it, feedback appreciated!

The mission is released also availible on Steam workshop. [Thanks BIS for the integration!]

Version 1.50 Changelog

Version 1.50 Changelog

-Changed Hunter with Ifrit in OP#3

-Added new optional task

-added 2 different ends connected to the new task

-AI is not in safe mode from start

-corrected overview picture size

-ajdusted end mission text and picture

-changed Orca to Kajman

-added Madrid APC as patrol

-added AT AI to player team

-finetuning of enemy positions on guardposts

-adjusted tasks success for OP´s

-adjusted route for reinforcements

-fixed helicopter not visible as enemy for AI

-fixed general problem of task progression sometimes failing

-adjusted daytime back to old state

Version 1.40 Changelog

-Fixed mission does not end with extraction

-Fixed AI on guardposts not reacting to incoming rounds

-Fixed task progression problem;-Added UAV Overview Intro

-Added AI on guardposts now defending themselfs with stationary weapons or vehicles

-Adjusted LZ for extraction;

Version 1.30 Changelog

-Fixed problems with succeeded tasks gettin assigned new

-fixed helicopter behavior

-fixed extraction route

-changed coop version has now respawn "group"

Version 1.21 Changelog

-Hotfix for chopper task released, -task is now active from beginning of the mission

Version 1.20 Changelog

-Removed task "Hide from KA-60", mission does not fail if detected (unfair spotting with knowsAbout command)

Version 1.10 Changelog

-Added task for extraction

-Added proper headprotection to team

-Adjusted helicopter route and awareness

-Adjusted enemy units skill

-fixed automatically marking of next tasks

-adjusted enemy AA positions for easier approach

-adjusted daytime

Steam Workshop

SP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=222316388

Coop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=222316901

Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24478

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Update for MANW contest is live.

Version 1.60 Changelog

- Added Strategic Map Feature

- Insertion via: Parachute, Mh-6 or civilian truck on different spots (replayability)

- adjusted position of the three outposts

- adjusted Kajman route and behavior

- added mines around the airfield

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