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Oxygen limit

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MP mission, coop playable in 1 player as well, max. 12 players, no addons needed, island: Kolgujev.

The contaminated island is infested by zombies (russian soldiers) and renegades (FIA soldiers) who will kill anyone in sight.

Stay stealthy - that gives you have chance to survive a few hours longer.

You can find some useful stuff all around the island but watch your oxygen status closely. The time is running!

Useful objects:

Red barrel: Source of oxygen

Table with map: Usable max. 5 times (map, compass, GPS, radar, Mi17 position)

Pack of 4 barrels: Random bonus

FIA fuel truck: Unlimited oxygen, cannot refuel other vehicles. (Disabled in adversarial mod)

Stay near the objects for 5 seconds to activate them.

More info:

You can choose enemy AI skill in lobby.

You can enable AI+ (harder version), map (map since start - no need to find table with map in game) & radar (radar since start) in lobby.

Random convoys on some roads.

Military bases are heavily guarded.

Each 2 seconds: -1 oxygen. You can check your oxygen status by radio.

Zombies do not attack renegades.

Zombies move through buildings/objects.

Zombies can have guns/ammo after death.

Dead bodies are hidden after 2 minutes.

Gas stations have no fuel.

Objects/Units/ are deleted if you are far away from them - new ones will spawn.

Coop objective: Find Mi17, refuel it and escape with all players!

Adversarial objective: Survive longer than other players!

Adversarial: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7tcdhodfbnw164h/Oxygen_limit_versus.Cain.pbo

Coop: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f7zn1wpsub2he87/Oxygen_limit_coop.Cain.pbo

Coop extended: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5l2oh6o2d2pcd4q/Oxygen_limit_coop_extended.Cain.pbo

[Coop extended - larger distances between camps]

If you play in cadet difficulty + with enabled radar - you can see enemies (red dots) on map near your position (cca 150 meters)

Keep in mind it is very dynamic mission.

Post any bugs & suggestions here, enjoy :cool:

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We finally managed to finish the mission. The first try we found the chopper by sheer luck but as we were taking off, the renegades shot it down. The second try we actually managed to finish it after a long, painful journey. Here are some remarks:

You might be already aware of this, but there are a few quirks with the camp spawning script. Some of the objects are often floating in air, sometimes they spawn on top of each other and from time to time they're in really weird locations like on steep cliffs or in the middle of roads. I also feel like the camps might be spawning too frequently; I would sometimes find up to four camps spawning just a few meters from each other. As a result, the survival aspect is really lacking and it also makes the mission a little bit too easy since supplies aren't scarce enough. Personally I would reduce the amount of camp spawning. I imagine the low view distance is to cover the very frequent spawning of camps, so if you decide to change it, it might be a good idea to increase the view distance too a tiny bit.

The instant respawn feature is a little problematic, especially if you died in the middle of an enemy base with no useful weapons. One time one of our players died 20 times trying to get out of the base alive. I'd suggest making the respawn position random like it is at the very beginning of the mission.

The convoys don't always spawn properly. One time the trucks wouldn't move anywhere because they were facing odd directions, another time two trucks spawned on top of each other and one them flipped on its side.

The artillery script appears to be local to the clients, meaning that it's completely useless other than for the hosting player - the explosions simply don't have any effect on anything. You can fix it by changing the camCreate commands to createVehicle instead.

The blood splatter effect seems to activate too sensitively. You'll notice it especially when driving a car - even the tiniest little bump makes your screen bloody. You might want to add some kind of damage value that has to be met for it to take effect.

Other than that I think it was good fun as long as it lasted. I'm looking forward to possible updates and whatever else you might be planning.

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You might be already aware of this, but there are a few quirks with the camp spawning script.
I tried to reduce the number of weird spawning behaviour but I have no idea how to get info that the spawn location is near a cliff or a road. At least it does not spawn in water (getpos this select 2 == 0). I know that the shed in the player's starting location may sometimes float but I did not see any other floating objects (I had problems with cars but I solved it via SetVelocity). I have never seen an object on top of another one - I have seen occasionally objects too close to each other and mostly in cities they are sporadically covering each other. The distance among camps should be min. 75 meters (75 meters to any living unit), distance between a player & new spawning camp is min. 150 meters, max. 190 meters. There is also one specific little camp with no enemies which spawns 1 random bonus (ammo, MASH, oxygen...) - this one can spawn closer to a player & other camps.
The survival aspect is really lacking.

Did you play in veteran difficulty + no map & no radar? I shortened the distances because some people find it boring to run 500 meters without seeing any threat. I also added more oxygen resources in the coop version. The adversarial version keeps you in constant stress because you are consuming the oxygen much faster.

The instant respawn feature is a little problematic.

I believe it is much better this way because once the players are together it would be annoying to split them again + players should avoid attacking the bases alone.

The convoys don't always spawn properly.

It is kinda new feature in the mission. I will try to hunt down the bug.

The artillery script appears to be local to the clients.

I am 99.9% sure that it works on all clients (both dedicated & lan server) but I will check the CreateVehicle.

The blood splatter effect seems to activate too sensitively.

It should not be so hard to change it so I will see what I can do.

Thanks for reply :cool:

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