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Can't Respawn On When Diplomacy Fails

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Me and my friend played When Diplomacy Fails for everyday for almost three months now and now when you die it counts down and then just gives you a above camera view of your death. Does anyone know how to fix? I tried clearing every ArmA file, reinstalling ArmA, etc. and had with no result at all. We both did it. So yea... please help because this is our favorite gamemode.

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When Diplomacy Fails uses the Warfare module. The reason respawn fails is explained here:


The post doesn't help with missions distributed in the game that use Warfare though, only editor missions using Warfare.

1.63 has a more aggressive error report system. It encounters previously undetected errors (Warfare has several, run with launch param -showScriptErrors and you'll see what I mean) and for whatever reason it stops the camera script. Others have said rollback to 1.62 brings back the respawn (it used the old reporting system). Can't help with rolling back though, didn't work for me. Steam said I was missing an exe for it.

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I now find the line "doesn't help with missions distributed in the game" is not actually correct... there is a fix I didn't discover until just recently.

The distributed missions are part of the Arma Licensed Data Pack released under BI's APL-SA licenses. By going to the Data Pack website and obtaining the zip file(s) containing the pbo's with the missions, you can extract them from the .pbo and place them in your editor mission files.

From there you can apply the Warfare respawn fix given in the prior post's linked page. Exporting to SP or MP repacks them as .pbo's.

Arma Public License - Share Alike (APL-SA): http://www.bistudio.com/english/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike

Arma Licensed Data Pack: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Licensed_Data_Pack#Arma_2

Some lessons learned along the way....

1) After extracting and moving to your editor mission folder, and prior to opening the mission in editor, open the mission.sqm file and change the class:Intel "briefingName" and "briefingDescription" to something of your own. Otherwise the game engine confuses the original distributed mission with your mission, and once exported you too will have trouble telling them apart.

2) If it's a mission you've already played before (assuming it is if you're trying to apply the respawn fix), go to your saved missions and delete the old "save" before launching the mission you work on. It prevents an "incompatible version" error from resulting. The error will prompt you to delete the prior saved mission, which it will do, but then the game locks up. You have to punch out with ctrl+alt+delete and restart the game before launching.

3) Warfare missions really need to be played with -nologs as a launch param. Warfare does A LOT (one-stop shop for a complete CTI scenario) but it also generates a lot of error messages, quite a few of which are looping errors that can slow the game as the log is generated.

Tried and tested, works on my machine. I'm playing "When Diplomacy Fails" and "Mountain Warfare" with respawn again.

--- Edit -- I don't have a dedi server, but kg333 who does found this out:

4) The mission folder name inside the .pbo apparently tells the client's engine which mission to load. For a dedi server, If you don't change the folder name before exporting to .pbo, the clients will end up loading the original mission with no respawn; so you will also want to change the name of the mission folder itself, example: from "MP_Superpowers.Chernarus" to "Another_Mission_Name.Chernarus".

--- (Another) Edit --

5) Many missions in the game will already have a custom Mission Init, usually to run custom configs. The respawn fix says to create a new Mission Init; however it was written for editor missions before the mission fix was found. If the mission already has a custom Mission Init, use the one already there (it will often be named "InitMission.sqf"). Don't create a new one.

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added mission init lesson learned

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