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United Military Paltoon [Military Simulation] [Ex-Military] *Recruiting*

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Site: www.umpclan.co.uk

Why the United Military Platoon?

We accept people from all backgrounds, races and religions. We have all met each other online so the group is very easy to fit into. We are organised and play as a realism unit. We have ex-soldiers and active soldiers from different countries.

Who Are we?

United Military Platoon or U.M.P for short. So then who are we you ask? well we are a group of serving and ex-military soldiers from all around the world, though not all of us are soldiers so don't worry at all about being a civilian. We have an age limit of 15 years old, the reason for this is mainly maturity when it comes to clan events, the clan is also a military realism unit, once again though don't worry too much about your military knowledge we have training courses to help you get better at a wide range Military expertise.

We play Dayz & Arma 2 Operation Arrow Head we have servers for all of these games. We have clan operation every Saturday, this does require attendance. Well that pretty much sums us up, thinking about joining? Hop on our teamspeak and sign up to the forum to get more info on what we do and how we do it.

When it comes to Dayz we help people as best as we can may that: Food, Water, Security, Voice Communication [Our Teamspeak], cars and guns etc.

Note: We are not friendly all times, the group comes first others later.

Why are we recruiting?

We are trying to improve game experiences for everyone, we offer training in various rifles, vehicles and aircraft. So if you feel like you need some help out there in the wasteland we can give you the training to stop a bandit dead in his tracks.



Join the Teamspeak for more info.

Look for Chubbs, Terry Tibbs, Duncan or anyone with high rank.


- Microphone/Headset

- 15+

- Teamspeak 3

- Maturity

- Slight Military Knowledge

- Compass Understanding

- Map Reading (Grid Coordinates)

- Driving ( Cars and Helis)

- Somewhat basic weapons training

- Most of all Dedication and Devotion

We Offer Training to those that don't understand map reading and compass reading.

Squad name:- United Military Platoon [u.M.P]

Timezone/location : Australia, United Kingdom & The U.S [We are on all times pretty much]

Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): We play coop missions and some pvp action on dayz.

Contact email:unitedmilitaryplatoon@gmail.com

Website address:www.umpclan.co.uk



Join us today! The war is what you make of it.

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