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Mobile Curator Area

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Hey guys, I'm trying to find a way to make a curator area move with the player in a MP game, to prevent what I'm calling "ZeusAbuse;" the art of using fly hac-- erm, Zeus mode to find enemy assets in a competitive mode. Unfortunately accomplishing it is eluding me, and I think at this point the only way to accomplish it is through some tomfoolery via a custom script that runs constantly server side and updates the curator area every n seconds. If you have a better or simpler idea, please help me out!

I've tried this in the init field of the players in question, and while the curator area jumps to the correct position on initial spawn, it does not follow the player as I want it to.

zeus_soi attachTo [this,[0,0,0]];

this addEventHandler ["respawn", zeus_soi attachTo [this,[0,0,0]]];

Note to MODS: I posted a similar post in the general scripting help forum before I realized there was a dedicated subsection for Zeus. Please feel free to lock/delete that one.

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