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Royal Marine Commandos - 40 Commando

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http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x114/james_sc/40CdoBanner1copy_zpsee5548ee.jpg (153 kB)

40 Commando | ARMA 2 OA Realism Unit

Teamspeak -


A tight-knit tactical realism unit of military enthusiasts trained to British military standards in light infantry CQB and field operations by active service personnel, we cling to the Commando ethos of humour in the face of adversity and as a result we are able to hit the ground running with any number of complex challenges set before us.

We operate on a nightly basis of training and missions currently, it's not mandatory to attend every single one, it's simply encouraged that you play as often as you want!


More than likely? You. We are an extremely flexible group that will support anybody; gender or age as long as you hold the fundamentals we do - that means the ability to crack on with the job at hand and knuckle down through any taskings set before you, we're all for a laugh but at the appropriate time, our training is to a high standard so hopefully you would be looking to aspire to meet that standard alongside your "opos", take that attitude and the second you step boot in our Teamspeak it will be like you've been here all along.

Any time-zone is welcome, we have a mix between American and Europeans among us.


We're in a discovery phase with our modifications at the moment, the only real mod we insist on is ACRE - any other mods we come to use will be through trial and error, but the time spent playing the game rather than fussing around with its mods is what's important to us, so we will only implement mods that really make a benefit to the game we're playing.

We have a password applied permanent server so initiating training and operations is no problem at all.


Very easy, make contact with anybody in the clan - be it myself on Steam (james_30077354) or visit our Teamspeak for a quick response, we're usually around in the evenings on week days, or all day on weekends. The joining part is easy, proving you belong here is what the challenge will be!


We are very keen to operate with any number of tactical clans that are looking to expand their mission play-size, we're a flexible unit and we're looking to make friends.

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