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Need testers for Arma 2 post-apocalyptic roleplaying server

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I have the server ready to test. It is post-nuclear style (takes place on a desert map with buildings placed) roleplaying server. It emphasizes roleplaying over item looting, you must have a good in character reason for killing someone. "I'm a bandit" does not count.

Banditry is allowed of course. Players are not required to give you their items. Bandits are allowed to kill players if the players try to fight back, run away, or refuse to give up items.

Roleplaying is required even in the testing stages. I may make an exception to the fighting rule for the duration of the test, since there is no AI to fight at the moment (there are no real mutant scripts for Arma 2, other than zombies and bloodsuckers). If enough people request zombies and bloodsuckers I may add them.

The map is in a very crude state, there are two identical plain military bases and two identical plain towns with wrecked cars and buildings scattered around the wasteland, as well as vehicles and loot spots. Helicopter crashes and military bases have a higher chance of spawning better loot. This is most likely not the final version of the map, I am awaiting player feedback.

There are currently 10 player slots available, though I will allow more than ten people to apply since people are not on at all times.

If you are interested in helping me test this server, please post a reply or send me a private message with your Steam or Skype contact information.

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