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[3,7] 1st Marine Division-ACE

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Hello i'm Captain Kenny and I am the founder of the 1st Marine Division. The 1st Marine Division is unlike any other Marine MilSim unit, We offer a variety of MOS's (Jobs) that vary from driving a tank and blowing up terrorists to provide cover for the 3,7 Marines or you can be on the ground looking for IED's or leading a Fire team of your own if your good enough. This MilSim unit uses ACE and along with ACRE to provide a higher aspect of realism, If you don't know how to play in a unit or know how to work any of the mods don't worry we will help you all the way through and make it a fun experience for everybody. The time period we take place in is the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom which is around 2004-Present times. If you would like to come and join the fun experience here is your teamspeak once you get in poke an officer or high rank enlisted and they will help you will anything you need and answer any questions you have. I hope to see you on the battlefield whether its providing armored support our up close and personal on the ground. Recruits Dismissed.

Teamspeak 3 IP-ny.jestservers.com:7009

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