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ArmA 3 Life - Looking for a terrain editor

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Hello everyone,

A3L, also widely known as ArmA 3 Life is looking for a new development member to help us with finishing our Lakeside Valley map, which is based upon the applegate map made for ArmA 2.

Some of our videos can be found on:


Our website can be found on http://arma3-life.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Arma3life

A screenshot of the map inside Terrain Builder:


We're looking for someone able to actively develop our map for perhaps one of the most popular and anticipated life mod for ArmA 3 and work in an big team of developers/modelers and scripters. Message me on my website/forums/twitter if you are interested and if possible some of your previous work!

Project Lead,


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wells i hope no one will work for them they Steal Patton work and some other communoty addon maker, so Arma 3 life is just a host of server take all other addons to make their own but they only steal REMEMBER THIS

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