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batch changing object paths in V3?

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I've hit a little bit of a problem with my map. during the last years and a half I have been placing a lot of objects around the map that are place holders, now I want to replace them with models that follow the same file structure inside my own namespace, so I only need to change the CA\... to namespace\... in each instance.

The problem is, I am thinking it is going to take me forever to re-path a bunch of models in the visitor template, do a replace object from old to new, and then remove all the old objects from the template... one...by..fu*king..one.

sooooo....is there a way I can replace every instance of CA\what\ever\it\is.p3d with namespace\what\ever\it\is.p3d without going through this process of doing each one individually?

I thought I had a clever way of doing it by exporting objects, doing a notepad "replace" function on the path i wanted to snipe , forinstance rplace all instances of CA\structures\wall\ with namespace\mywalls\ but then I realised to my total horror that the export files script only works on the object names in the template and not on the path it sources the files from, that was the point I imagined how satisfying it would have been to sling my desk and it's contents out of the window and watch as it fell into the crowds walking by below, screaming "I'm not sorry!" disrobing, and then throwing myself after it... Then I went to make a coffee and try and put this image out of my mind.

I really can't face the idea of going through this... it might push me over the edge (of my comfortable office chair)

My first born to the first person who can give me some worthy advice!


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