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Death messages

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Hello, I am just wondering if someone have a script with death messages like

player 1 was killed by player 2 with a weapon weaponname from distance 123.

It will be also great if you have a code that will say player was been ran over by player 2.

I have seen this feature on wasteland server, but the author posted only 1 script but it also required the second script which I don't have.

Here is the code that was posted

_player = _this select 0;
_killer = _this select 1;

_distance = _killer distance _player;
_distance = floor(_distance);

if (_distance > 3000) exitWith {	//Killed while respawning (or when driving over a mine and the killer is over 3km away)
_killerName = name _killer;
if (isNull _killerName) then {
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["soldier K.I.A."]] call RE;
} else {
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["got killed by «%1»",name _killer]] call RE;

//_distance = format["%1",round(_distance)];
switch (true) do {
case (_distance < 300) : {	// Close range kills
_distance = format[" from close range"];};

case (_distance > 300 && _distance < 800) : { //Show no distance
_distance = format[""];};

case (_distance > 800 && _distance < 1500) : {	//Long distance kills
_distance = format[" over long range"];};

case (_distance > 1500 && _distance < 3000) : { //Show the distance in meters only for really remarkable long shots
_distance = format[" from far (%1 meters)",_distance];};

default {};

// Define the name for killer and his weapon
_killerName = name _killer;
_killerWep = currentWeapon _killer;
_weaponName = (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _killerWep);
_weaponName = format["%1",getText(_weaponName >> "displayName")];
_killerWep = format[" with «%1»",_weaponName];

if (_killerName == "ERROR: NO UNIT") exitWith { // Drive a car into a wall/rock etc. or drive over a mine
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["should learn how to drive"]] call RE;
if (_weaponName == "HORN") exitWith { // Same as before, but different (suitable for passengers)
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["died in a tragic car accident"]] call RE;

if (side _killer == Civilian) exitWith {
if (_player == _killer) then { // Respawn suicide or killed by a explosion of a vehicle
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["soldier K.I.A."]] call RE;
} else { //AI Kill (not always AI so I removed the "AI" from the killmessage)
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["killed by «%1»%2%3",name _killer,_distance,_killerWep]] call RE;

if(_player == _killer) then { //Suicide - Might be obsolete since respawning suicide get's catched in the "Civilian" section
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["soldier K.I.A."]] call RE;
} else { //Normal kill - Player kills Player with a weapon
[player, nil, rGlobalChat, format["got killed by «%1»%2%3",name _killer,_distance,_killerWep]] call RE;

which runs clientside and gets called in the onKilled.sqf via

[_player,_killer] execVM "client\functions\killMessage.sqf";

directly below these two lines

_player = (_this select 0) select 0;

_killer = (_this select 0) select 1;

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