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SP/COOP 02 - The Marksmania

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The Marksmania v1.0

Scenario / COOP 02

"Three villages, three targets. ONE SNIPER."


The enemy forces are running a recruit campaign in villages at the southern part of the Stratis. They're using village leaders to convince their men to join the enemy forces. Our mission is to locate and eliminate those leaders. It's harsh, but the most effective way to break down the enemy recruit campaign.


- Atmospheric, intense gameplay.

- Playable in singleplayer scenario.

- Superb AI chase scripts.

- Custom respawn-script including ONLY three lives per player (only in MP).

- Custom death camera (only in MP).

- Custom music.

- Tested on hosted and dedicated server.


- JIP (Join Progress) players not supported.

- Escort boat get stucked in the beach.

DOWNLOAD: Steam | Dropbox

I am more than happy to receive your comments, good or bad, especially if your find any bugs.

Cheers, VanBuren

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Hey VanBuren. Nice to see some more missions. I'm not just in a masochist mood, but one life version? :D

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Updated to 1.0 version! Don't worry Phantom, "HC" versions from Hunting Grounds and this are in the todo list next. ;)

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