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Australian and New Zealand time zone Squad - AvA and The Older Gamers

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Put the word out that The Older Gamers (TOG) and Australian Vengeance Alliance (AvA) are actively recruiting for regular structured, but relaxed and friendly Arma 3 operations.

Our partnership stems from a love of the game and what it has to offer, together with a mutual understanding that real life comes first, and that we are ultimately playing to have fun.

AvA are members of the Day0 online community and offer a milsim experience in the Arm3 world frame. We offer training with a focus on teamwork and structure from Tier 5 up to Tier 1.

Our missions at this stage are in line with special operations types and have ADF (Australian Defence Force) themes, making full use of the awesome mod ADF Uncut, as well as ACRE.

With more members joining the ranks, role specialisation and a broadening in the scope of operation types will naturally follow.

TOG are an online gaming community for 25yo and over players with nearly 47000 members, playing all types of games. We have a very active FPS division, with fledgling Arma 3 sub-division and are always looking to add to our ranks.

Please be aware that applicants need to be 25 years and over to join The Older Gamers.

All missions and training hosted by AvA are in the Australian/New Zealand PM time zone.

If you want an authentic milsim experience with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team mates, please post in the AvA link at the top, or alternatively in the TOG Barracks, under Forums.

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