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HOWTO Latest and proper method for installing a Combined Operations server 1.62+

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Here is the proper and modern method for running a CO server folks, install Arma 2 and OA in their own folders inside of a common folder and run the server exe, it will automatically detect the Arma 2 install just like the client, I have it running at home now, no question marks and it shows Arma 2 in the expansions. No - mod required unless your running the beta or a mod, the old method of putting it all in one folder is deprecated, it still somewhat works but may have issues and clients probably won't join since it appears to be in conflict.

The old version will show a question mark in the server browser and will not show Arma 2 loaded before Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead in the expansion list.

I couldn't find this anywhere else so here it is.

Not tested on .rar installs often used in hosting setups, maybe a dev can tell us how it finds Arma 2 exactly so we can be sure? Is it looking outside the OA folder or reading the registry? I'm guessing the former or Linux servers will have the same issue.

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