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[Epic Find] Maz-7917 WITH Topol-M

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I Asked if some has a TOPOL Launcher i got replyd i tryed it... Well its epic! It's a godly replacement for the ugly rotten cheese looking but nice FX DSF Scud's http://russianmodteam.ucoz.com/load/addony/redkie_addony/addon_rt_2mp2_quot_topol_m_quot_ot_ofpman/31-1-0-227

You can also launch the Nuke its not a prop its a real nuke! Nice bonus also! Where the Topol Missile is fired at the location will have a large circular destroyed area! It's Really REALLY Worth to try! Downside's It's Very Slow! So if you're making a stealing mission Turn the idea switch off it ain't gonna happen!

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